We are a unique post house, providing title design, animation, visual effects and post production for film, TV, music videos, and online content. Located in Kansas City, Missouri, we work with some of the biggest names in music, film, Fortune 500 and independent outfits alike.

We like to take your kick-ass project and make it even more kick-ass-er. We are a selective breed, choosing only projects that align with our passion and vision. Our passion is storytelling, design, visual effects and animation. Passion runs through your bones, you say? Then let’s chit the chat.

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Music Videos?

Yep. We create sizzlin' visuals for global superstars






Motion Design + VFX + Animation

Post Production Solutions for film, TV, commercial and online content


Jim McCullough

Founder & Multimedia Producer


Jim McCullough has been producing films and animation for over fifteen years. He likes to jump off mountains, swim with sharks, travel the world, experience other cultures and eat bacon. His passion is to create awesome content for film, TV and online.

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Motion Design

Motion Design, Title Design & Animation for Film, TV and Music




Open titles, logo animation, credits, oh my!
Yes, we do it all.
You want rockin’ titles?
We make rockin’ titles.

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2D, 3D Animation for Film, TV, Music




Digital Kiosks, Animated Storyboards, Cartoons, Character Animation, Commercials.

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Visual Effects for Film, TV and Music

Do you need a missile screaming through your shot?
Explosions in space?
Third arm removed?

Services include: Green Screen Keying, RotoScope, Paint, Motion Tracking, Color Grade, Digital Cosmetics, Matte Painting, Fire, Water, Snow, Holographic FX, Particle Systems and flares. Plenty ‘O flares.

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