The most secure fortress of the future is about to be turned upside down as Chaos discovers a way to break in: a rebellious teenager, Dawn. She does the impossible and escapes Paradox City. Now her father, a by-the-books detective must team up with sociopaths, criminals and degenerates in order to save his daughter and defeat Chaos from destroying Paradox City.
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‘B Team Heroes’

An agent tries to get a lesser-known client into the superhero biz.

IgnitionFX, Dead Eye Media &
Perfect Village Productions

Written & Directed by Jim McCullough
Director of Photography by Justin Michaels
Starring Jeffrey S Fellin & Justin Michaels

2013 | 3 min

Again & Again

Epic short tale of life, death, life



IgnitionFX Original
Animated, Written & Directed by Jim McCullough
Sound Mix by Brady Goodman

Premiered at 2012 MAPA Animation Celebration
Screened on CinemaKC 2016

2012 | 1 min


Upcoming TV pilot. Shoots Summer 2012

Trailer Credits

Director, Editor, FX, Writer: Jim McCullough
Co-Director, Producer, Writer: Brady Goodman
Director of Photography: Jim McCullough & Dan Bottemuller
Photography: Dan Bottemuller
Zombie: Nic Hathaway
Girl: Krystal Heib

Seeking crew and funds now…

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IgnitionFX Original
Director, Editor, FX, Writer: Jim McCullough
Writer, Lead Actor: Jason Turner
Director of Photography: Dan Bottemuller
Set Design: Nic Hathaway & Dan Bottemuller
Art Director: Nic Hathaway
Sound: Brady Goodman




‘In Captivity’

A mute superhero faces off against his arch-nemesis to save his love

A Jpixx Film

‘In Captivity’ competed against 4,000 films worldwide in the 2011 48 Hour Film Fest. It won “Best Film” and was selected to screen at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.

Directed, Edited, & DP: Jon Abrahams
Written, Special FX Supervisor & Asst. Directed: Jim McCullough

2011 | 7 min

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