Ariana Grande

"Santa Tell Me" Music Video





26+ Million views

Ignition FX just wrapped post-production visual effects for the latest Ariana Grande music video, “Santa Tell Me”
Directed by Alfredo Flores

Worked with the fun group over at Mosci Music and Interscope to complete four animated lyric videos for one the hottest pop stars, Jasmine V.
Check out more of her music:

Motion Design

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Open titles, logo animation, credits, oh my!
Yes, we do it all.
You want rockin’ titles?
We make rockin’ titles.

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Digital Kiosks, Animated Storyboards, Cartoons, Character Animation, Commercials.

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Earth, Wind & Fire

Documentary Video


Visual Effects for Film, TV and Music

Do you need a missile screaming through your shot?
Explosions in space?
Third arm removed?

Services include: Green Screen Keying, RotoScope, Paint, Motion Tracking, Color Grade, Digital Cosmetics, Matte Painting, Fire, Water, Snow, Holographic FX, Particle Systems and flares. Plenty ‘O flares.

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The most secure fortress of the future is about to be turned upside down as Chaos discovers a way to break in: a rebellious teenager, Dawn. She does the impossible and escapes Paradox City. Now her father, a by-the-books detective must team up with sociopaths, criminals and degenerates in order to save his daughter and defeat Chaos from destroying Paradox City.
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